Freight flow and forecasting

Academic papers and conference proceedings

  • The creation and application of a national freight flow model for South Africa. (2012) Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering. J.H. Havenga, W. Pienaar.
  • Long term container volume forecasting: Decoupling Gross Domestic Product and container movements. (2012) Corporate Ownership & Control. J.H. Havenga, W. Pienaar., Z.P. Simpson and J. van Eeden.
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  • Quantifying freight transport volumes in developing regions: Lessons learnt from South Africa's experience during the 20th century. (2012) Economic History of Developing Regions. J.H. Havenga and W. Pienaar.
  • Forecasting South African containers for international trade: A commodity-based approach. (2011) Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management. J.H. Havenga and J. van Eeden.

Conference papers and presentations

  • Deconstructing Container Forecasting: Commodity-Based Supply Chain Analysis (June 2014, Ontario, Canada) Canadian Transportation Research Forum. J.H. Havenga, Z.P. Simpson and A. de Bod.
  • The relevance of commodity flow modelling in freight transport demand forecast. (June 2013, University of Göteborg) 25th Nordic Logistics Research Network Conference. J.H. Havenga, Z.P. Simpson and A. de Bod.
  • Long term container forecasting – decoupling gross domestic product and container movements. (2012, Antwerp, Belgium) Key Developments in the Port and Maritime Sector Conference. J.H. Havenga, Z.P. Simpson and A. de Bod.
  • Extending freight flow modelling to Southern Africa – requirements for renewal(September 2012, University of Cranfield) Logistics Research Network. J.H. Havenga, Z.P. Simpson., D. King, A. de Bod and L. Goedhals-Gerber.
  • Long term container demand forecasting: Avoiding the pitfalls of commodity blind modelling. (September 2011, University of Southampton, United Kingdom) Logistics Research Network. J.H. Havenga, J. van Eeden.
  • The state of transport research in South Africa: Freight Logistics. (2009) ESASTAP Conference. D. King and H. Ittmann.
  • The development of a fundamental model for the continuous measurement of South Africa’s modal market share for freight transport with logistics costs perspectives. (September 2007, University of Hull Business School, Hull, England) Logistics Research Network J.H. Havenga.
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