Our Company

GAIN is a boutique consultancy that focuses on contract research. We are a team of highly specialised individuals with relevant project experience and reputable academic track records that have led to industry-valued research outputs. Drawing from a broad set of disciplines and experience, GAIN offers an interdisciplinary perspective to complex problems.

A global paradigm with roots in Southern Africa grounds our work in the realities of developing markets and their dynamic – often bewildering – growth paths. GAIN believes that businesses and economies are the collective results of people, their institutions and their interactions; therefore an understanding of the behavioural, socio-economic and political elements that impact business is foundational to our approach.


Our Approach

Anchored in our core competencies, we ensure that outputs are innovative, insightful, and add expert value to customers.

GAIN’s problem-solving approach is highly analytical using quantitative models, thoughtful market engagement strategies, rigorous desktop research and methodical surveys to analyse problems. Our strong ties to local and international universities, research forums and academic thought leaders ensure that we stay at the bleeding edge of our fields of expertise. Developing the solutions required by our customers is an inclusive and engaged process where we ensure that the customer remains an integral part of the end product.

In Trade and Logistics, GAIN’s quantitative models are data-rich and purpose-built to answer specific research questions. These models are updated annually and continuously refined. The competitive edge of GAIN’s models is their depth, accuracy and continuous updates – aspects that require dedicated resources and, therefore, very few competitors are willing to invest in developing comparable products. Blending the statistical results with knowledge of the underlying trends and drivers (whether societal, political or economic) provides a substantive interpretation that not only tells the customer what the current reality is but allows them to understand how the ideal future can be influenced.


Our Services

Our customers seek expert, customised, strategic-level consultancy products which may be a once-off solution to a specified research question or a longer-term relationship aimed at continuous knowledge input and support. Specifically, GAIN provides its customers with insight regarding macro-level trade and logistics systems to better guide decision-making in the private and public sectors.